A-Motus Wellness 

A-Motus assists your company in promoting the wellness of your employees.

A "Well" employee = a stress free, healthy, creative and productive employee.



“A Healthy Workforce is A Healthy Business”

A-Motus Wellness services.

A-Motus consult  with you to understand areas to address to enable wellness in your company, we design a specific wellness interactive program to address your employees needs to promote their holistic wellness.

Services may include:

Health Screenings:

This service involves performing vital Health screenings at corporate wellness days Tests performed could include:

Waist circumference BMI ?
Body fat Percentage? Glucose
Blood pressure
HIV Testing


Walk-Thru Wellness Screenings

Wellness screenings aimed at the busy executive. Convenient and quick due to no queuing

Targeted Wellness Workshops 

Stress Management, healthy lifestyle living, assisted home care support, etc...

Employee Wellness Passport.

We can boost the effectiveness of your Wellness Day by providing your employees with the A-Motus Health and Wellness Passport. This will provide educational information, Interpretation scales and general health guidelines, creating a high level of health awareness and empowering employees to take charge of their health.

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