A sudden diagnosis of a serious illness or the impact of a medical condition can be quite a shock for all involved.

There is often confusion on what to do and where to go for home care services and wellness support.

A-Motus Home-based Assisted Care is a specialised and professional home care service.

Our Mission is to provide exceptional home care and wellness support to our clients and their families.

We care for you in the comfort of your home wherever that may be.

Our team is comprised of a collaboration of registered, enrolled and auxiliary medical personnel as well as specialised
care givers.

Following a thorough care assessment, we identify all the supportive care needs.

Appropriate care intervention are formulated into a structured Care plan to cater for the assisted care that is required.

A-Motus Home-based Assisted Care Service

Post op Rehabilitation Home Care

Dementia Care

Elderly & Frail Care

Palliative & End Of Life Care

Specialised Wellness Nursing Services