For The business owner, Amanda Jeffrey, her mother’s diagnosis of colon cancer in 2015 was a most traumatic experience in her life.Even as a medically qualified professional with years experience, everything she went through alongside her mother and her family was as if it was something surreal and new.

The reality was that with all the medical knowledge in the world could never have prepared her for the emotional impact of a sudden medical diagnosis of the person she loved the most in the world. Not only did she have to remain calm, caring and supportive for her mom, she also had to be there in strength for her family.

Her mother went through an intense Colon operation and the home care for her mom with all the required support for her rehabilitation, opened up a whole new world that inspired Amanda to establish

A-Motus Assisted Care.


There were just many loopholes and poor excuses for home care support. 

This lead to the vision and establishing of 

A-Motus Assisted Care.

A-Motus Assisted Care initially started out as purely a home care service and has now branched into medical staff placement, training, wellness and occupational services.

Business Structure

 A-Motus Assisted Care

Our Mission is to provide exceptional assisted care and support to our clients and their families.

With over 35 years experience within the health care sector, we confidently, compassionately and professionally lead in our assisted care services.