A-Motus Assisted




Home care services, Medical staff placement, Training, Wellness and Occupational services.

A-Motus Assisted

Home Care Service

Our assisted home care service provides:

Compassionate and Professional caregivers for a variety of in Home Care Services for those who wish to recover or maintain an independent lifestyle in the comfort of their home or wherever there home may be.

A-Motus Staffing Solutions

A-Motus Staffing Solutions Provide:

Qualified, Trained and Legally compliant staff to ensure you continuously improve your quality of care and services to your patients/clients.

A-Motus Training Academy

Through our professional training academy we provide accredited assisted care training including First Aid and CPR.

We add value to our clients by continuing education via workshops.

(Dementia, Palliative Care, etc...)

A-Motus Wellness

A-Motus Wellness Provides:

Specific and Niche employee wellness Programs as well as nursing staff for wellness day screenings.

A-Motus Occupational Health

A-Motus is an occupational medical staff service and provides,

a range of medical screening services including employee medicals.